Project with an Abstract Rigorous, Architectural Statement, Infiltrating Tilburgs Exteriors. Place where Advanced, Ready-made, Architecure Discontinues, Illogical Static Environments.

Due to the limited opening hours of the shops in Tilburg and other cities in the Netherlands, many shopping streets are totally abandoned at night. In fact, these streets transform into ‘no-go areas’ because of the lack of multifunctional functions and programme. This ‘parasite’ is a reaction on these desolated shopping areas. The parasite maintains a new bar and a lounge room where people can meet at night. The dark alleys underneath are enlightened at night because of the different ‘binoculars’ which observe the desolated streets. A connected network of ‘parasites’ on the roofs of all these shops allows the citizens of Tilburg to view the city from a whole new perspective.