These recreational houses belong to Landall Greenparks which is located in Arnemuiden (The Netherlands). This specific type, called the Pontille, is partly above water, partly above land. In the design there is a correlation with her direct nautical surroundings. The floorplan is shaped as a kite, with a pitched roof shaped as a triangle, referring to sailcloths and stakes of a boat. From within the living area, one has a panormaic view on the lake because of the roundshaped glass facade. On the first floor there is a balcony, referring to a deck on a boat, from where one has an even better view on nearby land. Relaxing out of the wind is possible on the terrace located on the side of the house which is in connection with the living area as well. Materialwise one can notice the white façades, referring to the white of a boat or ship. The houses are designed in various sizes. There are the houses for 8 and for 10 persons.

This project belongs to the firm of Van der Giesen Architecten: