‘T KLOOSTER / Zoersel (BE)

The social housing organisation Arro in Antwerp is building 27 owner occupied dwellings and 13 rental dwellings on a building site called ´T Klooster (literally translated: The Monastery). In order to build these houses there was a prize competition amongst architects. This design involves dwellings with 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms projected on the site as row houses. From within these houses, the residents always have a clear view on the green in front of the house. Looking from the rear facade the residents have a view on their own back yard. Urban planning wise, this neighbourhoud is shaped as a long stretched roundabout, where traffic only moves in one direction. One can easily park in front of his house. To give these row houses their own individuality the façades are made out of different colours of brick. In order to bring more expression to this housing quarter all the roofs are under a slope, pointing in the same direction. All slopes are facing the sun, so solar panels can easily be installed. The light hearted façades, the roofs and all of the green around these dwellings makes it a lively neigbourhood.

This project was realised under command of: Groep Archo architecten, see: